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  1. Confirmed. The low level areas seem to have the lowest amount of resources atm while the higher level areas have too many. In order to properly fix this we're going to need a pooling system.
  2. [quote=gambit2312]I was already in a group[/quote] I just made a commit that will hopefully fix the crash. Please try the Dungeon Finder again after the Covenant server is updated to the latest revision. Sorry for the inconvenience
  3. I'll see if there's a crash log for this so I can get to the root of the issue For the time being, were you in a group before doing the LFG or were you not grouped up?
  4. [quote=gambit2312]why does seal of righteousness work on the ONE server and not in the TWO[/quote] I believe they changed the way it works with the release of WoTLK. I'll see if I can make a temporary fix for it, but there are [i]many[/i] spells that don't work properly atm and that's why I'm working on our spell system as a whole.
  5. Confirmed. Another dev and myself are working on a complete rewrite of the spell system so it should work after that (as well as most other currently broken spells). By the way, have you happened to test the LFG system lately? I attempted to fix the last cause of it crashing the server but cannot test the patch myself.
  6. Odd..I haven't ran into this bug before. I'll look into it.
  7. Well, from looking at Player.cpp in Mangos two, the fields seem to be organized as [quote] uint32 playerBytes = .. (fetch playerBytes1) .. skin = uint8(playerBytes); face = uint8(playerBytes >> 8); hair style = uint8(playerBytes >> 16); hair color = uint8(playerBytes >> 24); uint32 playerBytes2 = .. (fetch playerBytes2) .. facial hair = uint8(playerBytes2 & 0xFF); [/quote] Since mangos handles data in little endian format, we can just split the first player bytes column into four separate ones for skin color, face, hair style and hair color. With the second column I'm not sure whether or not anything other than facial hair is stored there but if so it shouldn't take too long to find out what those bytes are used for. I can take care of this when I have spare time (not sure how long that will be), but if anyone would like to take a stab at this it shouldn't be hard. For instance, one of my characters has the following data in playerBytes(1): 50725129 All we would need to do is convert this into 50, 72, 51 and 29 for the four new fields and then reflect the minor change in the core. Edit: if it's just a matter of figuring out how this data is taken from the client, I should be able to figure that out in the next day or so.
  8. Is this on the master branch or Rel19? IIRC there were quite a few database errors on the master branch from using our DB repo. I was able to fix most of them by applying the latest version of ACID off of their github page
  9. Hypercapacitor Gizmo In this quest (id 5151) you're supposed to open a cage and kill the panther inside to get an item. The only problem is that the panther is not attackable even though it's set to the correct faction. To fix this I wrote up an lua script: [quote] --[[ -= Script Information =- * Zone: Thousand Needles * QuestId: 5151 * Script Type: Quest * Npc: Enraged Panther ]]-- local pantherId = 10992 local cageEntry = 176195 local function PantherCage_OnGoStateChanged(event, go, state) local nearbyCreatures = go:GetCreaturesInRange(3, pantherId) local panther = nearbyCreatures[1] local closestPlr = go:GetNearestPlayer(3) if panther:IsAlive() then panther:SetFaction(14) panther:AttackStart(closestPlr) end end RegisterGameObjectEvent(cageEntry, 10, PantherCage_OnGoStateChanged) [/quote]
  10. Fixed in master, although the rune system needs a lot of work done to it!
  11. I'd say it's mostly fixed in the master branch now, I just have to figure out how to give the player 2 extra runic power every 5 seconds.
  12. I fixed this one in the Rel19 branch as well.
  13. I should've fixed this in Rel19 although I'm not sure if the fix was implemented properly (still learning the intricacies of the spell system).
  14. This one kind of works in the Rel19 branch, although I still have to do some work on it before it's completely functional. I'll continue fixing the death knight spells/talents after I finish working on the Dungeon Finder as well as updating the scripts and database for 19. You could probably compile a list of bugs a mile high in the master branch, it's in pretty bad shape atm :(

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