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  1. Is there here still development going on?

  2. Hi there this is not the propper place for it but i cant login in the covenant server it stays on connect
  3. I have one comment, it works fine on the TWO server ik can sel everything and i can buy also things it put on AH so it is filled with white green rare and also epic stuf, so i think it has to do something with the core maybe
  4. Im testing the server mangos two now for 6 weeks, when you begin questing, like it is the zero most of quests do work nicely, but the new dranei allot of anymation quest don't work, when you head over to outland then the trouble starts, with the trainers allot of them can't train you, also animation quest wont work, and in northrend is also the same, its a pitty, but i know its allot of work, also with allot of the polution in the world, but i still find that you all do great work, and keep up the good work greets marcel
  5. Hi im now questing in outland, i have a question, Where does information come from, like the creatures, were they should be and what they should do? and the gathering ores and flowers and so on, is this extracted from the wow client? why is it so poluted, with rubbish? greets Marcel
  6. trainers in outland trainers in outland, are present, but they can't train you , where can i change that?
  7. I have a question, is there an addon for mangos, like trinityadmin? greets Marcel
  8. Yessssssss it work many thx Olion youre a good guy im glad you helped me with that , maybe you can help me in the future with other things............and again many many thx Greets Marcel
  9. yes was may mistake, but how can i make him vissible what id or something , is starving mountain lion on youre ZERO sever also invissible? i know when i played on oficial server from blizzard that he was visible, so how can i make him visible?
  10. yes was my mistake, but how can i make the creature vissible?
  11. thx Olion and ants thats the trick i learned something, and Olion, thx for the screen helped me allot, but why did it show up now, when i entered the id 2384 nothing shows up thx guys greets Marcel and maybe you can help me with this how can i make that creater visible?
  12. First i want you all for trying to explain it to me, but im having problems with finding this in the database, i can't find the Starving Mountain Lion, it id must be 2384 that i know for sure, but i can't find it in the tables you mentioned thx for ur help i apretiate it verry much greets marcel
  13. I have a question al the tables in mangos beginning with locales, so locales_achievement_reward, locales_creature etc etc....... are empty is this normal or should it also be filled with information..........? en another question for example the starving mountain lion in hillsbrad foothills is on this server invissible while he was vissible on the official server, i searched it in database and can't find it in database, and how is it easely changed from invissible to visible greets Marcel

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