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  • Hypercapacitor Gizmo

    Le Froid
    • Status: Completed
      Main Category: Quests
      Sub-Category: Core Crash
      Version: 0.20 Milestone: 21 (Current) Priority: Low
      Related to:
      Implemented Version: 21.14 (Master Branch)

    Hypercapacitor Gizmo

    In this quest (id 5151) you're supposed to open a cage and kill the panther inside to get an item. The only problem is that the panther is not attackable even though it's set to the correct faction.
    To fix this I wrote up an lua script:
    -= Script Information =-
    * Zone: Thousand Needles
    * QuestId: 5151
    * Script Type: Quest
    * Npc: Enraged Panther <10992>

    local pantherId = 10992
    local cageEntry = 176195

    local function PantherCage_OnGoStateChanged(event, go, state)
    local nearbyCreatures = go:GetCreaturesInRange(3, pantherId)
    local panther = nearbyCreatures[1]
    local closestPlr = go:GetNearestPlayer(3)
    if panther:IsAlive() then

    RegisterGameObjectEvent(cageEntry, 10, PantherCage_OnGoStateChanged)

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