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[Paladin Bug] Seal of Corruption

Guest antonio2005pe

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Mangos Version: 9721

Custom Patches: -

SD2 Version: lastest

Database Name and Version : udb 0.12

Spell : Seal of Corruption

How it SHOULD work: Everytime i hit the enemy with melee and skills, it should give them a debuff "Seal of Corruption", example: if my divine storm deals AoE damage, those who were affected by my divine storm will not receive the debuff "Blood Corruption".

The debuff will be applied only when hitting with autoattack.

Also i've noticed that blood corruption doesnt stacks with Righteous Vengeance, when you land a crit on the enemy, blood corruption will dissapear.

How it DOES work: Only autoattack causes blood corruption.


Another paladin talent bug,

http://www.wowhead.com/spell=20332 doesnt works at all.

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