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Custom Features (Looting and Housing)

Guest Zarathos

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Back again with a simple question.

I'm trying to set up a custom release with two big features:

1) Lootable player corpses.

2) Housing system.

I don't know MaNGOS core very well, but I'm quite good with C++/MySQL so with a few hints and a little bit of time I think I would be able to create them.

Lootable corpses should allow other players (even the ones of the same faction) to get the full loot of a dead player including gold, equipment and backpack items. Dead player, after resurrection, should be wearing only a little shroud or something like that. Is there any client-side hardcoded limit to that? Are LootHandler and Player the only files that I need to modify?

The housing system should allow players to have their custom house and decorate it a little. Houses should let enter only players that have a "linked key item" that house owner can dupe and distribute. I don't even know from where to start. Houses need to be game objects or premade map objects? How is it possible to create a decoration system?

Does someone already create some similar features I could use insted of making them fromn scratch?

However... any help will be really appreciated!

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Well I think you're limited to 24 items for looting

Mh... didn't think about that. Is it possible to create multiple corpse loot each one containing a maximum of 24 items?

and as far as housing I'd say use instancing and check for key when they enter the instance if not throw them out

And how can I let players decorate them?

Could housing system sightly reduce server performance?

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Housing could increase server load. And as for decorating you could use a script to spawn gameobjects in a specific instance I think, so whenever a player enters the house it should check which player's house it is and fill it accordingly.

And use an npc with gossip for buying stuff for the house.

Now you have 1 problem which is that a person can have keys to multiple houses, a solution to that would be to have him teleport to the house using the key, else there's no way to know which house he's actually entering.

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the easiest is force players to do this themselves and set up each house as a raid instance with infinite locks.

This way one raidgroup (the one forming the instance) will always have access to their house.

A custom gossip option could then be added to remove or expand raidlocks

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It's a bit old, but balrok has a branch in his repository that demonstrates one way to implement lootable player corpses...

balrok's playerloot at Github

Perhaps it will give you something to start with when learning how to code your own lootable players patch.


Couldn't you also set a custom portal that could only be opened by a specific item, such as the method used for unlocking doors inside dungeons? Or perhaps you could acquire the keys from a trainer, similar to how Portal Trainer teaches a mage how to open portals to locations.

Just tossing some wild guesses out there to see what sticks.

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