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[Bug] invisible players 3.3.3a

Auntie Mangos

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duan3, I was having this same problem yesterday. I saw THIS LINK, and went into GIT, did remote>fetch from>origin, then merge>local merge>master, recompiled, and I could see people again.

temp fixed in 9724, tested ;-)

ok tyvm! i thought it was going to be one of them buggs that take a week to fix lol i was getting scared thanks again

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I meaning: _real_ problem not fixed. Just some _proper_ chnages undo for let work as temporary sollution. Exist some difference in proper fix and temporary re-adding hack.

Oh i get you now :) also i would like to say in Rev 9729 the vendors sell all there items unlike in Rev 9690 / 9720 where they could sell the first item.

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