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Graveyard problem. Zone 0

Guest Biali

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Hello guys, my first post here.

I just started a mangos server and went to play with my friends, but, when you die (Elwynn Forest, for now) ur spirt rises over ur body and not in the nearest graveyard.

I searched a lot into this forum but, none of the cases appears to be like mine 'cause my .gps shows me zone 0 <unknown> Area 0 <unknown> and, the error on Mangos debbug window shows:

Table `game_graveyard_zone` incomplete: Zone 0 Team 469 does not have a linked graveyard.

i'm running mangos last version, udb 0.12.0 on a CentOS box.

I've ulimit -n 4096 successfully because i read somewhere here it could help, but did not.

thanks in advance guys!

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It appears there is no linked graveyard to the current zone, hence the standing on top of the body. Firstly I suggest re importing a new game graveyard zone to the DB just incase yours is corrupted. And after that look into the link grave command for factions.

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This is not a DB problem, it's extractor problem as the zone is 0. Till the extractor gets those zones properly there is a solution.

In Map::GetAreaFlag add the needed coordinates for that areaflag.

I've uploaded a patch i'm using to hunt for those Zone 0 areas. The patch is for trinity but can be applied in Mangos (or manual apply)

Link: http://aokromes.pastebin.com/SH6j2cgc

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