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Will of the Forsaken

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PvP trinket items have spellcategory_1 = 1182, so it should work

there is actually 2 spells:

72752 - category 1166, same as WOTF

72757 - category 1182, same as PvP trink

so spell 72752 should be precasted by pvp trink, and 72757 by will of the forsaken

edit: tried it but seems that items/spell cooldowns don't interact..

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Probably spell system does not check for spellcategory in items when adding cooldowns, so since PvP Trinket has no category but instead it is stored in item_template its cooldown is not triggered.

What I would do to handle this is to check for spellcategory in all items the player has in the inventory in Player::AddSpellAndCategoryCooldowns...

I'll test if this is the case and write a patch as soon as I get my pc back.

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