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when important instances (heroic)?

Guest mimi31

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As far as I know, heroic dungeons version is available only for Trial of Crusader and the Icecrown Citadel.

ToC and Icecrown citadel has NORMAL RAID and HEROIC RAID mode, other raid instances has only NORMAL RAID mode

WotLK and tBC normal (5 man) dungeons has all heroic and normal mode

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so, just specify your problem, like:

on Mangos XXXX

with SD2 YYYY

and <Your DB Provider> ZZZ

Custom Patches: ,..,

my Char: lvl 80, rogue, bloodelf

raid difficulty: 25 Players (heroic)

What I do:

I try to Enter Naxxramas

What happens:

I get this error-msg: "type your text here"

What should happen:

I should get the error-msg "Naxxramas 25 heroic does not exist"

This problem also is related to:

All Inis, everything is broken, plzzz fixx :) (I exagerate of course)

The better information you provide, the easier it is, to say anything about it;

iE I could tell you, that with both UDB and YTDB (quite new) and Mangos 9670 SD2 1670 everything is working as it should for me

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