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Death Knight broken quest

Guest raza17

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This quest does not work :

(I know i should raport this in SD2, or UDB) but maybe help owner topic :P

Death Comes From On High - does not work

When you use : http://www.wowhead.com/object=191609, you can't control http://www.wowhead.com/npc=28511

Grand Theft Palomino - does not work

You can't sit on horse :P

Into the Realm of Shadow - does not work

Do not transfer to Shadow Realm

The Gift That Keeps On Giving does not work

When you use quest item - nothing happen

Massacre At Light's Point- does not work

How To Win Friends And Influence Enemies- does not work

Mob should say something;p but nothing say;p

Bloody Breakout - does not work

When you kill mob, you have 1 sec to pick up drop.

A Special Surprise - does not work

You can't kill mob to finish quest.

An End To All Things... - does not work

Quest item does not work.

The Light of Dawn - does not work

When you click on mob - nothing happen(when you click - start battle)

Warchief's Bleesing - does not work

You can't finish quest - beacouse you are unfriendly.

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The issues that affect those quests are many. Some db related, other core, other scripting.

Example: The Grand Theft Palomino and Into the Realm of Shadow for them to work, it need vehicle support Which atm is missing from core. But there is a patch around. Eye of Acherus probably (not sure) falls in this section too.

The last DK quest The Light of Dawn is very likely to require a script for the entire fighit scene.

DB support is also needed to glue those script/core support with the database. Something that is currently happenning with the Dual Spec support to give you an example.

You need to test the different databases available for Mangos to see which one fits your need better. Currently UDB, YTDB, PSMDB.

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