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Modifying Fear/fear Like Spells (fleeing)

Guest peluche

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Hi, I am unable to activate in my PVP server, therefore, spells like Fear, Intimidating Shout, Scatter shot (all with same effect), that a player walks when affected by it, most of the time they fall under the world (limbo), I am trying to make a work around with this issue, my main idea, is modifying the spell so the affected player don't walk, just stay paralized. Since I am a newbie in mangos programming, I am asking for help to do this, the idea is just to "remove" the code when the spell automactly make the affected character to walk (that is the problem, the player walks under the map [limbo]).

Thanks for your time and help.

Edit: Ok, I've done some research, I have to edit FleeingMovementGenerator. But I dont know what modify to remove the "random walk" of a player only (not npc) and only in certain maps (like arena/bg).

Problem solved. Removed from unit.cpp

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