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SQLUpdate Merging Tool

Guest Mythli

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This is my little tool for merging various sql-updates to one big update.

i have written this in .net (c#) but dont look at the code it's horrible ;)


* Support SD2, Mangos, UDB and many other SQL Update formats

           "^\\\\d+_{1}(\\\\d+)_{1}\\\\d+_{1}([A-Z]|[a-z]+)_{1}(.*)$",     //match mangos update style (provide revision number, databasename, tablename)
           "^r{1}(\\\\d+)_{1}(\\\\w+).*$",                               //match SD2 Update style with some on official style (provide revision number& database name)   
           "^r{1}(\\\\d+)_{1}(.*)$",                                   //match SD2 update style (provide revision number& database name)

* Grouping

* Editing

* Drag& Drop

* Apply filter

Screenshots& Explanation:


Feel free to comment this tool/ post feedback.

regards Mythli <3

Source: http://filebeam.com/6bd3af107f09ff920c44be5dd3779862

Binary: http://filebeam.com/40a671bbe6924adbaa694dfab3863ee7

requires .net framework 2.0 or newest mono release.

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