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Deep Freeze (no damage)

Guest Valgrintor

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ooh sorry i forget it thanks for the advice Ceris

Mangos Version: [9774]

SD2 revision: [1677]

Database name and version: YTDB 544_(9773)

How it should work: The talent should frozen and make immune to stuns to the target and deal 1635 to 1938 of damage (rank 1) this spell only works if the target is already frozen

How it does work: The talent works on frozen targets... make them immune to stuns and freezes them in place, but dont do the damage. i ussed the skill in almost every single mob in the game.. instances, raids, world mobs but still do the same

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You probably misunderstand what this spell is supposed to do

This spell will do one of two things, depending on targets permanent immunity to stuns.

If target is permanently immune to stuns (bosses and some high lvl elite mobs), then this spell should only deal damage to target.

If target is not permanently immune to stun, then this spell should only stun the target, instead of dealing any damage.

This spell shouldnt stun target and deal damage at the same time to one target.

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