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Console Connection Method?

Guest cokacola

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Hello, I was thinking of making a little PHP panel for myself, and wondered how you can connect to the Mangos server console.

Note: I am running the server on Windows(7)

Okay, so does it use something like sockets? or SOAP or something?

All I really need to do with it, is to connect, send commands and receive output.

Also, if possible, return the last 20 items in the console(for a web console).

Okay, thanks. Also, if this is the wrong forum, could someone kindly move this?

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There is also a PHP example in the /contrib/soap/example.php file - should be fairly clear how to use it :)

As for keeping a list of commands, I suggest you store the replies somewhere (either a flatfile or a database would be best I think) and for each pageview you load in the past replies - there is, to my knowledge, no easy way to get a history of console commands directly from MaNGOS. Alternatively you could use AJAX for your console, that way you would not need to refresh the page for each command and you could simply keep track of past commands and replies with javascript.

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Well, I just downloaded the newest source, and intend to compile it when its done extracting.

Will I need to update my database?(if so, does it come with the required DB updates?)


Ohh, It appears that you need to apply that commit?

so I guess I'll need a GIT client :P

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well if you download one of the newest rev's youll be fine.

But it's recommended to use GIT anyways just so if you do have errors and whatnot and you report them, then it's not something that could have possibly been fixed.

If you need any help with GIt look in the source code management section as there are a few guides there. If you can't find what you're looking for either make a post or message me and I'll try to help if i can.

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Never mind, somehow my Characters Database become corrupted, mangos won't start anymore(it did when the table first became corrupted)

and the best thing is: I haven't even compiled the new version, or touched anything.

I had a backup of the databases, but its was the folders from the mysql data folder, not the sql file, so I cannot seem to restore anything.

Good day to you all.

I will now go punch something...

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