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[HELP] Adding titles with a NPC

Guest blukkie

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I'm scripting a NPC that hands out titles, but when I try to look up the entry of a title with

const CharTitlesEntry* titleInfo = sCharTitlesStore.LookUpEntry(id);

I get Unresolved External Symbol errors. CharTitleStore apparently isn't supported by CreatureAI scripts. Now I'm trying to figure out how to make it supported, but the only thing I can come up with is adding a line at DBCStores.h -- however, I do not know what to put here.

I'm talking about this part of DBCStores.h

// script support functions
MANGOS_DLL_SPEC DBCStorage <SoundEntriesEntry>          const* GetSoundEntriesStore();
MANGOS_DLL_SPEC DBCStorage <SpellEntry>                 const* GetSpellStore();
MANGOS_DLL_SPEC DBCStorage <SpellRangeEntry>            const* GetSpellRangeStore();
MANGOS_DLL_SPEC DBCStorage <FactionEntry>               const* GetFactionStore();
MANGOS_DLL_SPEC DBCStorage <ItemEntry>                  const* GetItemDisplayStore();
MANGOS_DLL_SPEC DBCStorage <CreatureDisplayInfoEntry>   const* GetCreatureDisplayStore();
MANGOS_DLL_SPEC DBCStorage <EmotesEntry>                const* GetEmotesStore();
MANGOS_DLL_SPEC DBCStorage <EmotesTextEntry>            const* GetEmotesTextStore();

Now there is a line above, stating

extern DBCStorage <CharTitlesEntry>              sCharTitlesStore;

And that is what I tried to access with my script.

The only function I found, for titles, is GetTitleId() and it's not what I need, or I am using it wrong.

So, what's a solution to this problem? How can I add the CharTitleStore to CreatureAI?

Thanks in advance.

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