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FYI : Table `db_version` have field `required_9763_01_mangos_battleground_template` b

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  • 40 years later...

A couple of people have ask lately about this error, i can't find the post ...but i was wondering why a couple of people...

"Table `db_version` have field `required_9763_01_mangos_battleground_template` bu

t expected `required_9794_02_mangos_command`! Not all sql updates applied?"

Now i understand... its because UDB core pack for mangos doesn't have the latest, you need to complete it with your C:\\Mangos\\sql\\updates sql files...

have fun

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Bah its simple, Mangos keep releasing new updates for the mangos core database...altough UDB only make patch once in a while ... 388, 389, 390 ... so the fact is they can't always be up to date unless they put as many as Mangos release...

Yeah, I know, but maybe they should put out some instructions to new users when 99% of them will encounter the update errors.

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