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[9869] [patch]support SCRIPT_COMMAND_QUEST_EXPLORED for taxi's event

Guest virusav

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After 9830 when trying to commit to Complete quest through a table `event_scripts` in the log we get this error:

2010-05-03 23:05:01 ERROR: SCRIPT_COMMAND_QUEST_EXPLORED call for non-creature and non-gameobject (TypeId: 4), skipping.

This mini-patch allows you to command SCRIPT_COMMAND_QUEST_EHPLORED if source = target = player.

diff --git a/src/game/Map.cpp b/src/game/Map.cpp
index c86066c..28c56ca 100644
--- a/src/game/Map.cpp
+++ b/src/game/Map.cpp
@@ -3228,9 +3228,9 @@ void Map::ScriptsProcess()

-                    if(source->GetTypeId()!=TYPEID_UNIT && source->GetTypeId()!=TYPEID_GAMEOBJECT)
+                    if(source->GetTypeId()!=TYPEID_UNIT && source->GetTypeId()!=TYPEID_GAMEOBJECT && source->GetTypeId()!=TYPEID_PLAYER)
-                        sLog.outError("SCRIPT_COMMAND_QUEST_EXPLORED call for non-creature and non-gameobject (TypeId: %u), skipping.",source->GetTypeId());
+                        sLog.outError("SCRIPT_COMMAND_QUEST_EXPLORED call for non-creature, non-gameobject and non-player (TypeId: %u), skipping.",source->GetTypeId());

The test location on the route taxi is not yet done.

If necessary, it can be added.

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