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Thank you for the thorough question list!

1. I used wow.exe first, I only used launcher.exe after wow.exe appeared not to work.

2. I only have one installation of wow, and the data(./enGB/realmlist.wtf) folder is in the same place as the wow.exe that I try to run.

3. I wasn't able to completely log on to the original server because my live account is currently not paid. I get the following (from memory)

[email protected]/password: the login information is incorrect. Please click this link for help.

[live email][live password]: connecting, authentication, then the authenticator window comes up asking for my authenticator number. This would not happen when connecting to the mangos server.

4. I followed the .pdf guide posted by Temporary at http://getmangos.eu/community/showthread.php?13121-World-of-Warcraft-Server-for-Windows-Installation-Guide - this showed the syntax for creating a new user inside the mangosd console, which I followed exactly. Seeing that the client asks for an 'email' login I created a username that looks like an email, in this case [email protected]. This is also the username I tried to log on with.

5. I had not come across these yet. I will test these when I am at home again, also I will look in the account table with sqlyog to see what the user details are. I'll double check that realmlist.wtf is still as I changed it, will disable the launcher.exe, and will let you know what happens :)

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Good day,

I have installed mangos from instructions on the wiki here, I am able to get mangosd and realmd running without errors. I created a new user in mysql and changed the addresses in realmlist.wtf to my internal IP but when I have mangosd and realmd running and try to log in it says my login details are wrong; also when I type my real account (live) details in it asks for my authenticator key, which I only expect when connecting to the live servers.

I have not yet made any changes to my install, my only edits to the database are those given in the install instructions.

Does anyone know why my change of realmlist.wtf has no effect? I have tried via Wow.exe and via the launcher.exe but they both do the same.

My realmlist.wtf currently says

set realmlist

set patchlist

with the last 2 lines I removed in case.

Sorry if this is asked before but I tried searching for 'realmlist.wtf' and this comes up with '000s results lol. I also have errors when running the vmaps converter but I see this is optional so not important.

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Well, did you check the realmlist file after you've run WoW Client to see if it has change back to the default settings because if you launch the game in a particular way, i think its gonna verify if your settings are correct, if not put back the settings in the file.... I've never had this problem but i heard about it....

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Did you run "wow.exe" and not "launcher.exe"?

Because, "launcher.exe" always tries to change back to the original settings.

Are you sure you used the correct "wow.exe"?

If you have two or more installations of wow on your computer,

maybe you are using the other one, that doesn't connect to your server, but the official one.

Were you able to completley logon to the original server (like see the realmlists, all your characters in the realms and so on)?

Because, maybe you wrote the wrong password or username,

and you beleve you were connecting to the official server,

but infact you were actually connecting to your own server.

How did you create your account?

You wrote that you "created a new user in mysql".

You should always create a new user from the console (with "account create [username] [password] [password]" syntax).

If you used for example sqlyog, and entered the account information yourself,

you should remember that the "sha_pass_hash" (the password) is an encrypted version of your password,

and not the password in clean text form.

For example, the word "player" is encrypted as "3ce8a96d17c5ae88a30681024e86279f1a38c041".

What username did you use to logon with?

Did you use the username or the e-mail that's in the account table.

Have you tried to logging on using the accounts that are automaticly added?

They are "administrator", "gamemaster", "moderator", "player",

booth the username and password are the same.

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I'm not sure if it will work if you directly created the account in the realmd database but check these:

Backup your C:\\World of Warcraft\\WTF\\Config.wtf check and change to the correct IP addresses

SET realmList ""

SET patchlist ""

Check to see if this line is present if it is then you are finding your server but your authentication details are wrong

SET realmName "MaNGOS"

First of all the best way to create your user is by doing it in Mangos console (mangosd.exe)

But hey lets try to see if you can fix what you did. First go into the user you entered in the realmd database and delete the 3(?) authentication key hashes after your user account.

The default accounts already there should have no hash in them either.

Now you need to prep that account so you can recreate the hash.

In your Sever Daemon (mangosd.exe) enter this command

account set password [username] [password] [password]

Just use the same password twice. This updates the realmd with the authentication key hashs or will once you login.

By the way this process works great for renaming your accounts as the hashes are made up of the name and password combined.

Simply rename the account name and then delete the hashes then change the password (to the same password if you like) in the console.

It should work now but if it doesn't delete that line you created in the realmd database and do it properly.

Create your new user in the Mangos Daemon console (mangosd.exe) use a single name is best.

account create [username] [password]

Next enable what expansions your client has

account set addon [username] [0 to 2]

0 Basic version

1 The Burning Crusade

2 Wrath of the Litch King

e.g. account set addon Conan 2

The only other thing your need to check is you realmlist.wtf again.

Backup your C:\\World of Warcraft\\Data\\enGB\\Realmlist.wtf (or whereever) and use these lines

set realmlist

set patchlist

Also it pays to turn off that auto patch crap in the registry. Set the following strings to these values in this key.

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\\Software\\Blizzard Entertainment\\Blizzard Downloader

Background Download Mode = 0

Disable Background Download = 1

Disable Peer-to-Peer = 1

Full Speed Background Download = 0

Set the game path to the actual game instead of the launcher in this key

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\SOFTWARE\\Blizzard Entertainment\\World of Warcraft

GamePath = C:\\World of Warcraft\\Wow.exe

If you really don't want it connecting to the wrong server rename these

C:\\World of Warcraft\\BackgroundDownloader.exe to BackgroundDownloader.exe.old

C:\\World of Warcraft\\Launcher.exe to Launcher.exe.old

Block the wow.exe with firewall software from connecting to any IP aside from

Hope this helps.

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First of all the best way to create your user is by doing it in Mangos console (mangosd.exe)

But hey lets try to see if you can fix what you did.

Lol - to clarify, I *did* do it in the mangos.exe console, once it had finished booting. I'll go through the values again though, I don't remember typing the password twice in the console window.

Thanks for the guide on disabling the auto patch and launcher, I'll give that a go until things are stable and I understand better what I'm doing :) I expect that modifications can get pretty confusing if it's also being occasionally patched by another source!

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Well, it turned out to be a red herring.

If I login with player/player I can see the mangos realms, so that is all ok. However the [email protected] does not work - because it searches for it as an email and not a username.

Still, now I have at least a well-blocked updater :)

If I find my authenticator I'll let you know what happens if I type in my live details - I'm guessing that there's still some kind of check with a blizzard service, because of the authenticator code request, but so long as I keep my logins as straight usernames and not emails it should be fine.

Thank you all very much :)

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Or you can edit your HOSTS file to redirect those IPs the client attempts connection to with your loopback address. This may break other games you have that uses those retail services, but you can't have your cake and eat it too.

Simple and direct. No mucking about with firewalls and registry hacks.

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The hosts file is to aid host to IP resolution. Hence the word 'hosts'. A software firewall offers granular control not just by IP.

I wouldn't even consider a hosts file to lock down an application. Adding a rule to a software firewall takes a minute and is what they are designed for.

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