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Mangos + Oblivion Online

Guest craigw

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hey, i know the MaNGOS so far is only used for wow, but as you guys need another project to work on to truly call it a "server software", so i thought why not.

the oblivion online project has so far been a success, with a software called script extender, it allows oblivion the function to send packets in and out of the game.

the server itself runs fine, and the clients are able to connect. all we are looking for is a way to store character and account information into a system, which is why i am looking at MaNGOS as a way of storing the information so that clients can login to their account, pick the character, and then enter the game.

this will be done of course by another program that is independant of oblivion. so that when you login and select your character instead of loading the character information from the local computer, it will load from the server instead.

i dont know how many people would like that, and yes your probably worried about it not being worked as much on the wow side of things.

oblivion online's site is


note: this "mod" does not edit any part of the game, it only uses information gathered from the game by a program called, script extender. which then passes off the information to the client program.

it is totally legal, as it is does not edit any part of game.

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