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Where Is It Defined That Gmlevel>0 Is Gm Account?

Guest teacher4444

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I have found in common.h:

enum AccountTypes
       SEC_PLAYER                 = 0,
       SEC_MODERATOR            = 1,
       SEC_GAMEMASTER         = 2,

Maybe something related to it in CliRunnable.cpp (but only as reference):

AccountTypes allowedAccountType = sWorld.GetPlayerSecurityLimit();
       char const* secName = "";
               case SEC_PLAYER:                secName = "Player";                break;
               case SEC_MODERATOR:         secName = "Moderator";         break;
               case SEC_GAMEMASTER:        secName = "Gamemaster";        break;
               case SEC_ADMINISTRATOR: secName = "Administrator"; break;
               default:                                secName = "<unknown>";         break;

The point is: we know that if GMlevel=0 the account has no privileges, if GMlevel>0 the account has privileges, even if it has access to no commands. For example a GMlevel>0 account will always be able to receive whispers byany race and understand them (and be understandable -> universal language) even if mangosd.conf is set NOT to allow TwoSideInteraction.

I am trying to find in the core where it states that if GMlevel>0 it is considered a GM Account, instead of (for example) only if GMlevel>2 and so on.

If you can direct me it would be very helpful. Thank you. :)

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Ok, I think I got it, so please feel free to tell me I'm wrong or if I got it right.

By looking at the code, NOWHERE is it defined if an account is GM or non-GM. It does not state that GMlevel>0 is a GM account and GMlevel=0 is a Beta Tester account.

What the core does is specify for EVERY situation, where a privilege distinction is needed, a > or < or == ; it always states >SEC_PLAYER, or == SEC_PLAYER, or <SEC_GAMEMASTER and so on.

As I quoted from code before, Common.h is where you find the hierarchy or the AccountTypes. So the code knows that SEC_PLAYER is lower than SEC_MODERATOR, which il lower than SEC_GAMEMASTER and so on.

Just a hint for Devs: do you think this may cause problems in future when things get even more complicated, and maybe it is best to define 2 groups of AccountTypes, GM and non-GM, and then have sub-AccountTypes in these 2 groups? This way when implementing anything knew you don't care about the name or hierarchy of the AccountType, you just state if it matters whether it is GM or non-GM, and leave the hierarchy part for specific situations which require such precision.

I hope I was able to explain my proposition.

It is not a critic nor a complain, I wish I had the skills to explain it in proper technical terms or even better submit a patch myself as reference. :unsure:

Just a thought.

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