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Unit::unit() And "m_attacktimer" Var

Guest pabzea

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I was watching the Unit.cpp file, the constructor Unit(),

Why dont initialize the m_attackTimer (for every type of attack) to BASE_ATTACK_TIME (defined in Unit.h) instead of 0 (zero), to avoid confusing and maybe hacking or cheating. Because the UNIT_FIELD_*ATTACKTIME fields are initialized to 2000.0f or BASE_ATTACK_TIME inside the Player.cpp and Pet.cpp (also if BASE_ATTACK_TIME = 2000.0f, so replace the numeric value for the defined one).

I know there are functions like SetAttackTime, setAttackTimer, resetAttackTimer, etc. But since I dont know exactly how is the core management; I dont know if core uses the var m_attackTimer or the fields UNIT_FIELD_*ATTACKTIME while updating the time (I'd have to read more the code).

Well like the title says, it is just a suggestion.

thx 4 u'r answer.



Some codes (functions) use the "m_*" vars (like m_weaponDamage var) and other ones use the UNIT_FIELD_(MIN|MAX)*DAMAGE... really i get confused, I hope the people who are programming use them in a correct way.

If someone can explain me, how use them in whole core (I mean: what situations I must use m_weaponDamage[bASE_ATTACK][MINDAMAGE] = XXXX; or use SetFloatValue(UNIT_FIELD_MINDAMAGE, XXXX) ), it 'd be appreciated.

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