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Float From Uint, How To?

Guest freeganja

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Hi, I need help, in unit_fields, there are some values stored in integer but they are float like crit chance and stuff like that.

How to convert that integer value to correct float in mysql and in php?

In c++ it looks like it is done simply with things like

return float

or (float)int_value

it looks that its not just inserting floating point inside

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If you want get float value from updatefields in php.. use this function

function readFloatValue($value)
       return ceil(array_pop(unpack("f", pack("L", $value))));


Holy crit can be extracted by this script

$data= mysql_query("SELECT `data` from `characters` where `name`='Charlie';

$r = mysqL_fetch_array($data);

$r = $r['data'];

$fields = explode(" ",$r);

$prvek = readFloatValue($fields[1324]);

echo "Holy crit chance.. $prvek % ";

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