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Vmaps And 64bit *nix Systems

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I would like to discuss about the recent issue of Vmaps and Linux 64 bit systems.

It's been some time that simple vmaps support causes really frequent crashes (5 minutes or so) ONLY on 64 bit *nix OS.

As seen in these threads:



and in the main thread of *nix crash reports too:


it's a known fact that vmaps cannot currently be used on 64bit servers, and possible solutions given in those threads didn't work (i do not consider the downgrade of an entire OS from 64 to 32 bits as a solution, ha-ha very funny indeed.)

By my side, i can say that in revision 6359 (just pre-2.4.3) the system was stable, then, updating mangos of 100-150 revisions, the problem appeared.

Then something happened to the vmaps system, but looking throughly the SVN many times, i still can't understand where the problem might have been generated.

Someone has an idea of when and where in the code this issue could have been introduced?

Any developer is working on it, or have something in mind to fix this major issue?

Someone got a working solution, maybe with a patch on these forums?

Thanks to everyone.

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I can vouch for this, on more than one server I have seen crashing due to vmaps, all 64-bit. :(

It may have happened before that revision, though, I'm not sure. The only solution would be to disable vmaps on the main continents and only use it for BGs and instances, because that is where it is needed the most.

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