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[patch][6710] Objmgr.cpp Compile Error 6709

Guest caeruleaus

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Recently (not exactly sure what was added) but in revision 6709 under the DelGameTele function there was added GameTeleMap::const_iterator and then an erase command to get rid of it. The problem being, erase can only handle an iterator and not a const_iterator. So here is my proposed patch:

Index: src/game/ObjectMgr.cpp
--- src/game/ObjectMgr.cpp        (revision 6709)
+++ src/game/ObjectMgr.cpp        (working copy)
@@ -6623,7 +6623,7 @@
        // converting string that we try to find to lower case
        wstrToLower( wname );

-        for(GameTeleMap::const_iterator itr = m_GameTeleMap.begin(); itr != m_GameTeleMap.end(); ++itr)
+        for(GameTeleMap::iterator itr = m_GameTeleMap.begin(); itr != m_GameTeleMap.end(); ++itr)
                if(itr->second.wnameLow == wname)

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