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[patch][6740] Allow Hiding Of The Blue Staff Badge In Messages

Guest Shurian

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Good evening,

I have created a small patch for a friend and thought I might share it with you as well. Im quoting myself directly from the included readme.txt file here:

HideBadge Command Patch For Mangos Rev. 6713

Written by Shurian, 2008-10-02

This patch adresses a privacy problem for staff members on mangos-powered servers. Many staff members play on secret characters already. But as a responsible staff member you can't ignore bugs and inconveniences when noticing them while playing. So you enter GM mode and fix it. Having forgotten to turn GM mode off again the next thing you see is the big blue badge next to your name while talking. Crap, there goes your privacy ;)

The HideBadge-Patch adds a new /hidebadge command to Mangos which allows disabling the blue badge next to your name while in GM mode. And if you really need to present your badge to someone, just turn it on again!


.hidebadge on - All text you write will be shown without the blue badge

.hidebadge off - All text you write will be shown with the blue badge if you're in GM mode

Technical Notes:

The CF_GM_HIDEBADGE Flag is implemented as an enumeration bound to a new status field in the player class. This separates custom server flags from most of the original mangos code thereby increasing interoperability with new mangos revisions. The hidebadge command is available starting from privilege level 1.

By default when logging in hidebadge is turned off and has to be enabled.


As mentioned by Krz this patch is only useful in public channels like for example guild chat, local defence or the default channel. Someone standing right next to you will still see the <GM> tag next to your name. I'm currently evaluating whether there's a solution that's not too messy.

You can download this patch at:


Included in the archive is the patch, a readme file and an sql script to add the hidebadge command to the command table.

Hope this is helpful to someone,


EDIT: Added a remark about the still remaining <GM> tag. Thanks Krz.

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I think feature useful but can be implemented in partly different way.

GM can do GM tasks in chat independent from in game GM state. Chat and in game mostly not dependent.

So better add chat gm state independent from in game GM state with new option

#        GM.ChatLoginState
#                GM chat mode at login
#                Default: 2 (last save state)
#                                 0 (disable)
#                                 1 (enable)

I will make change in this way...

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@Vladimir: Thanks for adding this, it really helps us.

@TheRest: I personally agree that two accounts are the way it should be handled if done properly. However I still feel this one comes in handy and as Albrecht has added already it increases the chance of quirks getting fixed on the spot, which is usually a good thing and improves everyones playing experience. Those who don't need this feature aren't forced to use it so there's probably little reason to argue about it.

@Tiger_Ash: Yup, an improvement if you have use for it. No improvement if you don't need it. Though it doesn't hurt you either. So if you have real objections you should probably name some ... you know, reasons and such.

Take care,


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find a misc bug for config don't work

revision: 6753


GM.ChatLoginState = 2


        m_configs[CONFIG_GM_CHAT]                            = sConfig.GetIntDefault("GM.Chat",2);

fix in mangosd.conf to GM.Chat ? or in world.cpp to GM.ChatLoginState ?

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