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Lua For Bindings

Guest naparuba

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I think Lua bindings can be used for extend mangos like SD2 can do for creatures. With Lua you can update easily the behavior of the creatures (you do not need to recompile). The integration can be not so difficult. It just need to look at the functions SD2 use and export them so that its can be used in LUA.

For examples Lua bindings are use in the open source game Xmoto so level creator can "scripts" the levels and the source code is fairly light. :)

I think the SD2 part do not need a huge computing power so it can be export into LUA. Just the high level description is in LUA, the low level functions like "send a spell" are in C, they just are call from LUA.

Do you think is a good idea? It can be for more than creature behavior, we just need to export the good functions to LUA library.

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