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"Command Failed" - Compressing Objects

Guest kingdutka

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When I first turn on Git Gui, a message pops up saying I have 750 loose objects, would I like to compress? I choose yes and get 3 errors:

error: failed to unpack compressed delta at offset 33554393 from .git/objects/pack/pack-70efc277b33c4d793c629dc95c50173842d5a433.pack
error: failed to read object 304e941b51245a2ccea6c4c9011a078d47d927e6 at offset 33554389 from .git/objects/pack/pack-70efc277b33c4d793c629dc95c50173842d5a433.pack
fatal: object 304e941b51245a2ccea6c4c9011a078d47d927e6 is corrupted

If I do a fetch, then merge, the solution still compiles just fine, but last time I ran the Git Gui, it said I had 500 loose objects. I'm worried about that ballooning uncontrollably since I am unable to compress these loose objects...

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