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Problem with StartPlayerLevel

Guest kingdutka

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I had changed my StartPlayerLevel to 10 for a while to give my server a little boost. It worked perfectly, everyone was starting at level 10. I went back into the config file today, changed the StartPlayerLevel back down to 1, shut the server completely off, turn it back on, and make a new character... It's level 10!! I checked 5 times and I definitely changed my config file to say 'StartPlayerLevel = 1'. I also checked my server.log file and see absolutely nothing out of the ordinary... WTF?

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Must be #3, "other", which doesn't make any sense.. What "other" options are there??

I tried changing:

LoginDatabaseInfo = ";3306;root;mangos;realmd"


LoginDatabaseInfo = ";3306;root;DER;realmd"

And the server won't even come on, so I certainly am editing the correct one. Also did a file search (Ctrl+F) for "PlayerStartLevel" and found NO duplicates. Seriously, I've been running my server for over 2 years now and I have a Bachelor's Degree of Science in a computer related field. I've spent the last 18 years of my life in front of a computer... The point is, I know what I am doing so let's skip the obvious stuff here... (Sorry if that all sounds rude or harsh, I am under waaaaay more stress than I can handle atm...)

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