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vmap_assembler.exe and WoW 3.3.5a "could not read dir_bin file!"

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I've successfully checked out, patched and compiled mangos-worldd and mangos-realmd. I've got a mysql server set up (pre-existing) with everything configured and working so far. All of the "maps," "buildings" and "dbc" files extracted properly using vmap_extractor. The only problem I'm having is creating the "vmaps" (whatever resources are supposed to be in the folder "vmaps" that you copy over to the server so mangos-worldd can load & read them).

From the client's directory, I run

vmap_assembler.exe buildings vmaps splitConfig.txt

and I get the error

Could not read dir_bin file!
exit with errors

However, if I create the empty, plaintext file buildings/dir_bin and run the same command, I get the following message instead

Read coordinate mapping...

Converting Model Files
Ok, all done

though no work as really been done.

Looking through the source tree and asking some people who can actually properly read C++, it looks like the utility is trying to find a file literally named dir_bin instead of the current target in a loop. Surely other people have gotten this to work. Am I doing something wrong, missing resources or is the utility simply out of date and unable to work with 3.3.5a?

Could somebody competent please lend me some guidance? I can give you more information as needed.


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Thank you for the responses. I'm trying Vladdy's idea right now, and I'll post back with my results momentarily (will edit this post if I'm allowed).

Thanks again for the responses!

EDIT: Woooooo! Vladimir, you're the man! Thank you :D

C:\\Users\\Public\\Games\\World of Warcraft>vmap_assembler.exe buildings vmaps split
Read coordinate mapping...
spawning Map 0
spawning Map 1
spawning Map 13
spawning Map 25
spawning Map 658
spawning Map 668
spawning Map 723
spawning Map 724
Calculating model bounds for map 0...
Creating map tree...
Calculating model bounds for map 1...

It's working :D

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