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Random respawns.

Guest Jennette

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I looked around and haven't seen this addressed yet.

After running a Mango's test server and playing in a few I have noticed something they all seem to be lacking.

In Mining, Certain nodes such as Truesilver or Titanium are suppose to spawn randomly, instead of the original, Mithral or Saronite, respectfully, when the object is timed for re-spawn.

Are there any plans on implementing said fix?

That also leads to asking, instead of static spawns of ore and herbs is it possible to create a RNG to pick points using a defined x,y net along with the z points giving in the vmaps?

I believe these two things would be a great improvement and push the project closer to emulating retail.

I have done C and mySQL programming for arcEmu and if someone could just point me in the correct direction at what files i would need to start working with that would be a great help.

Thank you for your time.

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Yes random spawns for pools are indeed implemented and also used by UDB for ores (not all yet AFAIK), plants and rare mobs.

Pool means you create a number of spawns (say 300+ locations for herbs) and group them with a limit of how many can be spawned at the same time (for example 40 of those 300).

However random replacement of type A with type B is not very elegant IMHO, while technically possible by using pools of pools, you need to create two spawns (one for each object type) for each location and put each pair in a sub-pool.

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