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Got some Questions

Guest Mythos

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What does the new "Ace" ?

ACE is "new method" for Netcode :)

I can't connect to the Server, why? (logg in -> disconnect)

Describe your problem more clearly...also better place would be installation topic

When would be 3.0.2 released?

when its done...

How can i find a new windows working core?


Would SVN work later?

MaNGOS changed to GIT -> check link above

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Okay to my "Disconnect Problem":

I've Upgraded my Server with the Core Files and the Scriptdev2ger Files.

All done without an error.

I started the Server and many errors were displayed.

The errors sayed, that I haven't updated my database, but that's wrong, I used the newest revision of the PSDB database.

If I want to connect to the realm, I will be kicked, and in the Console is an error with my account.

Something is missing, I think it was "tbc", but in the database its "expansion".

I'll write some errors in this topic, when I try it again ;)



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