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Maybe useless part in Unit::_UpdateAutoRepeatSpell ?

Guest Toinan67

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I was looking at Unit::_UpdateAutoRepeatSpell code and I saw this :

   //check movement
   if (GetTypeId() == TYPEID_PLAYER && ((Player*)this)->isMoving())
       // cancel wand shoot
       // auto shot just waits

(movement checking before casting auto-repeat spell)

Then we call Spell::CheckCast :

// Check if able to cast
if(m_currentSpells[CURRENT_AUTOREPEAT_SPELL]->CheckCast(true) != SPELL_CAST_OK)

// we want to shoot
Spell* spell = new Spell(this, m_currentSpells[CURRENT_AUTOREPEAT_SPELL]->m_spellInfo, true, 0);

But in CheckCast we have this :

   // cancel autorepeat spells if cast start when moving
   // (not wand currently autorepeat cast delayed to moving stop anyway in spell update code)
   if( m_caster->GetTypeId() == TYPEID_PLAYER && ((Player*)m_caster)->isMoving() )
       // skip stuck spell to allow use it in falling case and apply spell limitations at movement
       if( (!((Player*)m_caster)->m_movementInfo.HasMovementFlag(MOVEFLAG_FALLINGFAR) || m_spellInfo->Effect[EFFECT_INDEX_0] != SPELL_EFFECT_STUCK) &&
           (IsAutoRepeat() || (m_spellInfo->AuraInterruptFlags & AURA_INTERRUPT_FLAG_NOT_SEATED) != 0) )
           return SPELL_FAILED_MOVING;

So, why the first part is there?

Thanks for your answer :)

Edit : Moreover, why do we have to call CheckCast explicitly in _UpdateAutoRepeatSpell, whereas it is called by Spell::Prepare a few lines later?

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