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[Bug] Open Stable

Guest vanquished

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Mangos Version:


Custom Patches:

Clean Version

SD2 Version:


Database Name and Version :

UDB 392

How it DOES work:

1. When changing Pets via the Open Stable spell, the icons on the 2 different pets become the same icon untill the window is closed.

Example: A is current pet and B is stabled pet. When you drag B over A, A's icon becomes B's icon.

2. Aswell, and I'm not 100% sure about this, you can't re-swop a pet once you have swopped a pet with Open Stable (when window is still open). It just resummons your current pet.

Example: A is current pet, B and C are stabled pets. First swop B with A, then C with B. It will just keep B as your pet.

How it SHOULD work:

1. Pet icons shouldn't get mixed up when using Open Stable

2. If point 2 is correct (and I'll need someone to confirm with offy), then swopping pets with Open Stable open, should allow multiple swops until window is closed.

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