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Auntie Mangos

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Dear mangos community,

it has been five years since we opened our first forum, and we always have been reluctant to open some off topic or free for all section.

The sheep is finally listening, and here you have it.

The Community Cafe has opened its' doors, and you finally get your leisure area, where suits are not necessary.

Here are the rules:

* follow our Code of Conduct.

* avoid discussions regarding politics, and religion. Those are guaranteed to leed to insults usually, and there is better places for that elsewhere.

* Have fun!

Any topic or discussion that causes problems or drama will be closed. Beside that there will not be any other moderation here.

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Hey TheLuda, can you remove the full sub-board new messages from being listed in the "New Messages" ? Or do you have a workaround to avoid to list all those message when looking for the messages posted in the last X days ?

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