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Cleaning DB Script

Guest Voldemmort

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I need some help with something.

I want to make a clean up in my Char and Realmd DB for example for an accout that have not been online since january 1, is there any script or could someone provide of a script to make this cleanup possible? Maybe a MySQL Job or something like that? To erase all about a char, auras, talents, spells, inventory, friends, etc.

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This is based on the Reguid & cleanup from The_Game_Master


seemed for me to work fine, (I think guild members of deleted guilds are missing in this script, but mangos takes care of them)


for your guid changes I needed some adaptions (drop key, reapply key), but this was time consuming, so I never finished the script..

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Original script by The_Game_master: http://pastebin.com/yr57W2dY

(I am very sure he is ok with me forwarding it, as he posted in a now deleted topic)

This is a slightly modified version of the reguiding part:


but I even don't know, if it would work, because my system is to slow to execute it in reasonable time

srry im testing this to clean my character db, but have some error of syntax some tables have been change or gone, like.

*Line no.:53

Error Code: 1072 - Key column 'effect_index' doesn't exist in table

*Error Code: 1146 - Table 'characters-dev.auctionhouse' doesn't exist --> now is auction



ALTER TABLE `character_inventory`




CHANGE COLUMN `item2` `item` int(11) unsigned NOT NULL DEFAULT '0' COMMENT 'Item Global Unique Identifier',

CHANGE COLUMN `bag2` `bag` int(11) unsigned NOT NULL default '0',


Error occured at:2010-08-28 22:07:03

Line no.:343

Error Code: 1265 - Data truncated for column 'bag' at row 1 --> this i dont really know how to fix or mean. can any 1 help?

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