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Changing who you can NOT attack in PvP areas

Guest kjkrum

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I think the main function to modify are IsHostileTo and IsFriendlyTo in Unit.cpp :

   // special cases (Duel)
   if(tester->GetTypeId()==TYPEID_PLAYER && target->GetTypeId()==TYPEID_PLAYER)
       Player const* pTester = (Player const*)tester;
       Player const* pTarget = (Player const*)target;

       // Duel
       if(pTester->duel && pTester->duel->opponent == target && pTester->duel->startTime != 0)
           return false;

       // Group
       if(pTester->GetGroup() && pTester->GetGroup()==pTarget->GetGroup())
           return true;

       // Sanctuary
           return true;

       // PvP FFA state
       if(pTester->IsFFAPvP() && pTarget->IsFFAPvP())
           return false;

       //= PvP states
       // Green/Blue (non-attackable)
           return true;

       // Blue (friendly/non-attackable) if not PVP, or Yellow/Red in another case (attackable)
       return !pTarget->IsPvP();

Just add some conditions here, or modify the order of them :)

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