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hi, im coding a little bit on mangos to make a few custom features, it works kinda good but now i want that if someone looted the gameobject, the object will delete itself!

it works well, but at the 'while' i dont know if getLootState is the right methode for this, and if it is the right, what can i write instead 'looted' (looted is wrong, only a placeholder)

        GameObject* ding = new GameObject(NULL);
       ding->Create(guidlow, name_id, mapid, x, y, z, ang, rotation0, rotation1, rotation2, rotation3,animprogress, go_state);

       while(!(ding->getLootState == looted)) {                // looted is wrong - there should be something better

       }else {                                                                     // if it is looted

thanks for all replys!

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