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[patch][5673][fix] Walking Players

Guest thenecromancer

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It'd be good to create also patch thread about recent bug where players begin to walk after charge abilities or when reciviewing fear

players never have m_unit_movement_flags set, only in confuse movement generator

Index: game/Player.cpp
--- game/Player.cpp        (revision 5656)
+++ game/Player.cpp        (working copy)
@@ -125,6 +125,9 @@
        // this must help in case next save after mass player load after server startup
        m_nextSave = rand32(m_nextSave/2,m_nextSave*3/2);

+        // initialize movement flags
+        m_unit_movement_flags = MOVEMENT_FLAG_RUN;
        m_resurrectGUID = 0;
        m_resurrectX = m_resurrectY = m_resurrectZ = 0;
        m_resurrectHealth = m_resurrectMana = 0;

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