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Commit #'s and GIT & direct d/l of zipped GIT mangos


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I have been searching and reading commands but I haven't been able to find how to "revert" to a certain commit in GIT. I want to apply some patches but they require a certain commit... Can some one help?

2. I am not able to download the repository as a zip file any longer. It could be a local problem but the page is loading ok but I don't get the pop up option to d/l the zip file. It used to work. Any thoughts on that?

thanks for your help.

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git reset --hard MUH

MUH= sha1-hash

=HEAD^ (last commit)

=HEAD^^(commit before last)

or maybe you're satisfied with "git checkout MUH"

2. no idea (:

Actually, I suggest you to read manpage of git-rev-parse, from SPECIFYING REVISIONS ... the "more correct way" in this example should be HEAD~3 (you can read there why).

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