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3.0.2 Development

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In reference to that thread I wanted to discuss 3.0.2 development.

After I got the mangos-ptr svn running yesterday (had to fix the ad extractor first :) ), I discovered that it is supposed to run with the WOTLK client (build 9061) and not with the 3.0.2 live client (build 9056). So I wondered: Is there any 3.0.2 development at all? Or do both clients differ in such a minor way, that we only have to change EXPECTED_MANGOS_CLIENT_BUILD? At least I was able to connect in that way.

And what about the public 3.0.2 branch? Will we have one? :confused:

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Here comes the branch. Cleverly named 303-willcrashforsure and pushed to GitHub.

For now it is empty or better said it has no changes.

If you run a

git pull

you should get that branch on your system.


git checkout 303-willcrashforsure

will switch your local repository to the new branch.

Please try to make all changes in small (atomic) commits, which represent logical units. E.g. one commit for all changed enums, one for changed opcodes, etc.

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Didn't work for me, I had to use
git-checkout origin/303-willcrashforsure

Another update: DON'T commit to origin/303-willcrashforsure like I did - changes will get lost. instead create an own locale branch with

git-checkout origin/303-willcrashforsure
git-branch -b 303

and push using

git-push origin 303:refs/heads/303-willcrashforsure

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