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Merging with Git - Just need confirmation

Guest teacher4444

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Before any user gets worried, I am a newbie with Git but I configured Git properly as explained in other guides here on Forum, I downloaded Source and compiled it fine with SD2 and now server is running as usual. :)

I just would like to know how to EXACTLY interpret certain error messages.

I have my "own" chat.cpp and other files customised with some changes I made and I have been compiling it just fine for ages (as I have compiled it fine 2 hours ago from Git repository).

When I type git pull the Source is downloaded and at the end of the list I get ERROR: src\\game\\Chat.cpp not uptodate. Cannot merge.

I then type git checkout -m My customised files are listed with an M on their left and at the end of the list I read Your branch is behind the track remote branch 'origin/master' by 10 commits, and can be fast-forwarded.

Does this mean that my customised files are not merged with recent changes and it is just mere coincidence that this does not cause problems in compilation?:o

I hope I gave enough info, like many others, I have to and WILL adapt to Git.;)

OS: Win32

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Come on guys, 42 views and noone has an answer?^_^

EDIT: My doubt is whether it is telling me that I customised such files 10 branches ago or whether thare is an issue which eventually I will pay for,

You need to commit your changes, so you'll have clean working tree before merge.

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