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Server's .server info expansion?

Guest MadJack

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There's one thing I'd like to see when I ".server info":

.server info

MaNGOS/0.12.0 (Info STUFF)...

MaNGOSScript version...


scriptsdev2 version


whatever script library used

... other stuff

Anyway, I think you get the picture. But I'm wondering how could this be achieved. Iterating through the database looking for tables or other DBs for whatever "program" would be impractical or slow.

So... I'm wondering if it would be possible that each "addon" could use a new table we could create with things like addon name, version, build #, etc Or we could define fields that would be updated by other programs as they are loaded.

I'm suggesting that because sometimes I compile this or that stuff that I add up later but I'm never certain which version runs on the server.

Would it be interesting/useful to have such a thing? If so I could work on that.

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DB version possible output. For script DLL need some changes...

The way I see it is, when the lib loads, it checks if its version is up to date in the table. If it is, no change, if not, it updates it.

It's a bit hackish and would be preferable to poll it directly from the app to the lib but for now it could work.

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