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SVN is easier to use than GIT

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Whether SVN or Git is better is only a matter of personal preferences, and the project you are involved in. In case of MaNGOS, the move to Git has been made.

There is no need for any further discussion on this topic. We do not want to know if you like Subversion, Mercurial, bzr, or CVS. MaNGOS uses Git, and that's about it.

If you have trouble making friends with Git, there is our Source Code Mastery discussion section, spear-headed by freghar, who does an excellent job of dissecting Git and its' capabilities.

In the future, make use of freghar's presence and learn how to master Git instead of refusing to do so.

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I learned to use GIT, I know how to apply patches\\create patches, How to download [althought It took me 5 hours to download it in the first time].

and I still think SVN is easier to use, GIT is 'good' because of the commit and all of those useless features.

The devs actually think someone is looking on that comments xD

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