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[patch in 6910] bg_rl extracted from arena-patch

Guest balrok

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what feature does this patch add:

implements rl-arena just, to split up the arena-patch

who has been writing this patch:

w12x and i copied it + modified it a bit

patch can be found here http://github.com/balrok/mangos/tree/bg_rl

if you think the coding-style is good i will make a branch for all other arena-files..

One thing may be a bit slow, this is the function getaliveplayerscount.

Later, if the system provides a better way to get the current team (based on bg-team not faction) it will be possible to use an array (one value for each team), declared in battleground-class which increments at battleground::addplayer and player::ressurect... it will decrement at battleground::removeplayer and player::kill

but this can be easily extended and is currently not a big problem, cause arenas just don't work

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The only "important" patch not applied is procflag atm. Right now too much spell stuff is handled differently that it should be, and it makes further devlopment a little harder. It however does not really matter when arenas are integrated, as it is finished stuff, it won't be used for anything else, period. And if you read more carefuly you would know that one developer is already working on review/rewrite. What all you are writting here won't help situation at all. While you might recieve answer sooner than without posting anything, you are however NOT going to help it, but to do otherwise.

I think that all agre that arena patch is done from game side, but it does not mean there is nothing they want to change. Just wait, and I think if you ask nice and clever question you are going to have answer.

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No need to get grumpy.

But from a plain objective perspective from outside of mangos you see lots of bigger (good?) patches which never made it in the core and nearly everyone of it got abandoned from the original author (for what reason ever time, interest, etc.), which is a little sad i think(subjective part). Netcode made it (suddenly?) into the core and it turned out it sucks for windows, so somehow the relation between "not getting into the core because not ready" and "got into it but was not ready" is a bit weird.

I picked my words carefully and don't want to step on anyones toes. This is just a bit of feedback.

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The problem is that development is a complicated process that people don't really understand so they try to fill in the gaps with whatever they think fits. This is an entirely normal phenomenon but by the time they figure out what they added was incorrect, they forget where they got that information from. So they end up making rants about things that are indeed bad, but have nothing to do with the real world.

I already wrote a lot of details on why things were done this way. Several times even. You can look them up if you're interested. The arena patch is working but still not ready to be included, it had a short review and after that it could have been added but problems were found in it that are being worked on (and by problems I mean mostly things the end user doesn't know or care about in the short term, but could be bad in the long term). A short TODO list is included so you can go ahead and help if you want to get it done faster .. we can even give contributor access on that branch to people who want to help.

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