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[BUG] delayed spells


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Mangos Version:


Custom Patches:

none related

SD2 Version:

ScriptDev2 (for MaNGOS 10950+) Revision [2636]

Database Name and Version :


How it SHOULD work:

Player and creature spells which finished casting before dying should be updated after death (say this spell should land on target (its triggered on death)

How it DOES work:

well the behaviour is lil'bit strange:

i can make creature cast it (on death)

sometimes the visual will show sometimes not (random... idk why)

even if the visual gets to us, we dont get hit by the spell (because its no longer updated)

if you make creature respawn (and we are in the same grid) we will get hit out of nowhere by the spell

the point is: even after death creature/player spells should be updated

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