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Project Silvermoon Version Checker & Launcher

Guest Cobra101

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Hey there folks! Cobra here from Project-Silvermoon.net bringing you a nice little combo tool made with the little free time I had last week.

It can be used as 1, or all 3 functions it was made for. It's designed to allow you to check what version of PSDB is needed and what the min. version of Mangos goes with it.

You can also launch your server and your game client from within the same program! (If you choose to of course.) To avoid nag screens I've set it up this way:

The first time you start the program: click the Save/Disk icon on the top left. It'll ask you to select the folder you keep our SVN, your Mangos then Game (respectively) copies in. Don't wanna use one of the functions? Well then don't, or just close the dialog for the specific browsing box.

If anyone wants any more features or finds problems...let me know. I'll do my best to implement/fix them asap. :cool:

Sigaren from over at my forums was kind enough to supply mirrors to the rar, you're all welcome to do the same.

File Locations:

Original Filebeam RAR:http://filebeam.com/6fe9cd33b568c28f31837fcaa95a429b

Original Post at Project-Silvermoon.net:


P.S. For you pesky paranoid people out there, whom I'll try not be insulted by:

MD5 hash: 8b2fe55d536698eb937bb080c6a05a32


MD5 hash: 3034a3b73f0a4c5c1276eb7e01099631


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