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Git Sources (w/ MaNGOS) Vista Gadget

Guest MadJack

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Hey everyone!

This message is to let you know that I've made a Windows Vista sidebar gadget that will monitor sources on Git. It was made with MaNGOS in mind and comes preconfigured with three sources. (MaNGOS, Mad's MaNGOS and 303-willcrashforsure)

The gadget is beta stuff and I would ask you not to distribute if for now. Since I'm using some Git assets (images and CSS), I'd like to wait until I get the proper permission before letting this thing loose in the wild. :)

What this thing won't do:

- Log you on Git.

- No abilities to "use" git in anyway whatsoever.

What it will do:

- When you have configured the gadget, it will fetch the configured username/project/object (master or branch) and display the commits history of the clicked-on item in a flyout window.

- You can set up to 5 sources to "monitor".

How does it work?

- The gadget fetches commits based on GitHub's API and displays the results after it has been through an xls template for formatting.

Known issues:

- None that I'm aware of as of now. That's why it's in beta! ;)

Future development:

I'm not sure I will implement the followings, but if people would like it, I might...

- Autochecking based on a timer (some of the code is already there).

-- An icon would change color to inform the user of a newer commit.

- An original icon for the gadget, I'm no artist so unless someone is offering his services...

Mostly the features I wanted are there, only the timed checking I'm unsure of. I don't want to end up spamming GitHub...

At the start of the project my goal was to monitor Git/SVN but since svn doesn't really have a central repository (that I could find anyway), it's pretty hard to come up with a scheme. I know that Sourceforge offers one such place but I couldn't find an easy and rapid way to asses its API. If anyone is in the know, drop me a PM or an email and I'll take a look at it.

Anyway... If you have any question, just ask.

To download and install, simply click on the link at the bottom and open it (Vista should recognize the .gadget extension and prompt you for its installation) once you have downloaded it.

Get the file here: YourSources.gadget

If you have feedback or issues, either post it here on in a PM or by email. I'll get back to you ASAP.

Thank you all.

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I'm unable to read the entire text of the commit. It bleeds underneath the right hand cell where the hash of the commit is.

Also, the gadget window is larger than it needs to be. Can you resize to fit just the number of entries (i.e. by default, 3)? Seems unnecessarily large.

A close button on the commit window would be nice (even though you can click away to close).

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Hey rilex,

What version of Vista and IE you have installed? Are latest patch installed?

I've tested the gadget on two systems and it works fine. No bleeding. The text should cut at a certain point. It will not wrap mainly because of the text sent back to the gadget isn't exactly the way it is on github.com and because of that, it won't work as it does on the site. That's also the main reason the flyout has that size. If I shrik it, you won't see much. Three of four words at most and I would have to resize the fonts to an even smaller size.

As for closing, click on the same source you used to close the opened flyout. I can take a look, but I'm not sure I can force the flyout to close with a button.

Gadget aren't much. Javascript files, CSS and a XML file. It's not as customizable as a "real" app...

Anyway, thanks for your input. I will check if there's something I can do to tweak the display. I'll get in touch with Github's mailing list to see if I can have them change the way the commits' text is sent so they can wrap properly. But even then, it would be at the same width as the web page... I guess I could come up with a scheme to manually wrap those lines, but I'm wondering if it's worth all the trouble. The gadget is something that is used sporadically... I'm not promising anything :)

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