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mangosd.exe keeps crashing/closing

Guest DracoDruid

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Yeah. Just found the logs.

2011-06-14 21:22:18 ERROR:SQL: SELECT required_11613_01_mangos_spell_bonus_data FROM db_version LIMIT 1

2011-06-14 21:22:18 ERROR:query ERROR: Unknown column 'required_11613_01_mangos_spell_bonus_data' in 'field list'

2011-06-14 21:22:18 ERROR:The table `db_version` in your [WORLD] database indicates that this database is out of date!

2011-06-14 21:22:18 ERROR:

2011-06-14 21:22:18 ERROR: (A) You have: --> `11348_01_mangos_spell_bonus_data.sql`

2011-06-14 21:22:18 ERROR:

2011-06-14 21:22:18 ERROR: (B) You need: --> `11613_01_mangos_spell_bonus_data.sql`

2011-06-14 21:22:18 ERROR:

2011-06-14 21:22:18 ERROR:You must apply all updates after (A) to (B) to use mangos with this database.

2011-06-14 21:22:18 ERROR:These updates are included in the sql/updates folder.

2011-06-14 21:22:18 ERROR:Please read the included [README] in sql/updates for instructions on updating.

I am seriously confused right now.

I followed the Wind-Install-Guide step by step.

I used UDB_0.12.1.393_mangos_10545_SD2_1833.sql and all UDB updates from 394-401.

Was I supposed to use all updates in the \\mangos\\sql\\updates directory higher/newer as 10545?

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