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Hello everybody, since I cannot find out alone where the problem is, and I can't also find anything in web, I ask you directly...

I'm trying to fix the quest "Mission: Abyssal Shelf" Horde side.

The Ally side works perfectly, the horde side doesn't complete...

It is supposed to complete the quest when you've killed the requested mobs + having in the bag the bomb which is used to accomplish the objective (even if not directly necessary)... One very simple quest, almost all quests are this way, but still when I kill all mobs it remains pending... No "Objective complete." appears and I cannot turn in the quest.

I'm the whole day trying to find where the problem is located, I checked all the interested tables 1 at once several times, it came out that the horde quest had a SpecialFlag 2 but no scripts linked to it, so I changed it into 0, but this didn't solve the problem...

Kept checking till now, but the 2 quests are apparently identicals and my medium experience doesn't suggest me more.....

It is important for me to fix this, since the quest leads to another big chain which is required for more rep with the Mag'har, and to complete the achievement of Hellfire quests... (Using patches and revisions 3.2.2a and 3.3.5a)

So I surrender to your big knowledge to find the error and fix it...

Thanks in advance.

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Just for curiosity can you finish your quest with .quest complete? If not, could you move the quest item into another bag when handing in the quest (I once had a messed up bag)? Guess it's database related and no core problem.



Yes, I can finish it using the command (tho, that is anyway limited for gms and for normal players it needs a real fix).

No, moving the item between the bags doesn't change anything.

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