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Deeprun Tram - Travels the wrong way.

Guest bajaexplorer

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Win Vista Home Premium Sp2

UDB 0.12.1 (401) for MaNGOS 11376 with SD2 SQL

ACID 3.0.8 - Full Release for Mangos (3.3.5a Client)

As long as Mangos has been out and not finding a previous post about it, can only assume something is wrong on my end.

Deeprun Tram runs the wrong way.

When it leaves it goes thru the wall and returns thru the wall instead of running on the tracks.

Does not make it to the other end.

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This is Fixable on db side. Just make sure each one is in correct place. I swapped ends and moved them to proper place.(1st,2nd,3rd) Also trying to fix teleredor elevator with no luck yet... :)

Does rotation in GO supposed to change move direction? Would love to have some info on rotation change [11664] added to core... :)

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see http://udb.no-ip.org/index.php/topic,12682.msg65238.html#msg65238

for the issue of the rotation being 90 degrees wrong the rotation2 needs fixed not the orientation field, at least that's what I found.

Either way this is a database issue not core

I was just curious as to how the OP fixed this issue as I was seeing the same behavior on my end as well. Thank you for your link to the udb forum. I hadn't as of yet registered with them as I've only had MaNGOS running a couple of days. It indeed turned out to be a database issue. Credit goes to bajaexplorer for the coordinates Antiroot for the rotation hint. Thank you very much. :)

Here was the fix I applied:

UPDATE `gameobject` SET `position_x`=-45.4007,`position_y`=2472.93,`position_z`=6.9886,`orientation`=1.5708,`rotation0`=0,`rotation1`=0,`rotation2`=0,`rotation3`=0 WHERE `guid`=18802;
UPDATE `gameobject` SET `position_x`=-45.4005,`position_y`=2492.79,`position_z`=6.9886,`orientation`=1.5708,`rotation0`=0,`rotation1`=0,`rotation2`=0,`rotation3`=0 WHERE `guid`=18803;
UPDATE `gameobject` SET `position_x`=4.52807,`position_y`=8.43529,`position_z`=7.01107,`orientation`=1.5708,`rotation0`=0,`rotation1`=0,`rotation2`=0,`rotation3`=0 WHERE `guid`=18804;
UPDATE `gameobject` SET `position_x`=4.58065,`position_y`=-11.3475,`position_z`=7.01107,`orientation`=1.5708,`rotation0`=0,`rotation1`=0,`rotation2`=0,`rotation3`=0 WHERE `guid`=18805;
UPDATE `gameobject` SET `position_x`=4.49883,`position_y`=28.2097,`position_z`=7.01107,`orientation`=-1.5708,`rotation0`=0,`rotation1`=0,`rotation2`=0,`rotation3`=0 WHERE `guid`=18806;
UPDATE `gameobject` SET `position_x`=-45.3934,`position_y`=2512.8,`position_z`=6.9886,`orientation`=1.5708,`rotation0`=0,`rotation1`=0,`rotation2`=0,`rotation3`=0 WHERE `guid`=18807;

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